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Cloud Iris Verification System : graduation project

I finally Finished my graduation project and it was successfully evaluated ,i got excellent when i saw the degree i was so relieved ,it’s very nice to feel that all your hard work was appreciated. So let’s know some more information about it.

Cloud Iris Verification System (CIVS) :

CIVS is the most sophisticated software system which uses Iris Recognition in an E-commerce website to verify people instead of regular form of identification (password).CIVS consists of two parts Digital Store & IRIS Verification Service (IVS).

Here is the slides presentation & a demo video of the project before you get bored.



This is the heart of our system, and the example we used it to apply our IRIS Verification Service (IVS), It is complete E-Commerce website which allow users to see our shop products catalog, buy whatever they like using our customized shopping cart. IT enforces strict security and encryption policies to ensure securely shopping over the website.

IRIS Verification Service (IVS):

IVS is the service of verifying admins using iris recognition, this service is hosted on windows azure cloud and it is invoked by digital store to verify admins and return the result back to the website which decides whether this admins is genuine or impostor.

Windows Azure:

It is the glue which holds all of this together, DigitalStore and IVS are hosted on Windows azure appfabric .